Wednesday, 9 June 2010


supplies needed psp
scrap kit black n white by tracy ptu here

tube of choice i used keith garvey
which you can purchase from mpt here
please dont use unless you,ve a license
font of choice i used lovers quarrel which is ptu
so cant supply sorry

open new image 600 x 600 flood fill white
copy and paste black n white frame 5
as new layer
click inside with magic wand
and modify by 5
paste black/white paper 13
as new layer selections invert
and hit delete move below frame layer
drop shadow frame layer
copy n paste black/white frame 4
and move below your vframe layer
see mine for reference
add tube of choice and place in centre
of frame using erase brush for any
of tube showing out side
add any elements of your choice
and place were you wish
i then added the black/white back and move to bottom
also i used the doodle 4
i resized it 80% and then place top left
the duplicate and mirror n flip
add all copyrites and url,s
add name
and save as png
all done

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