Thursday, 10 June 2010


supllies needed psp and annimationshop (optinal)
scrap kit girls can rock too
by steff which you can purchase here
tube of choice i used Keith Garvey from mpt

open new image 600x600 flood fill white
paste girlscan rock speaker and resize 50%
paste to left of tag and duplicate mirror
see my tag for placements
copy and paste musical notes 9
and move behind speakers
copy n paste heartwings place in centre
copy and paste girls can rock swirls
and place at bottom of tag but above speakers
copy n paste rock star 1 and resize 69%
and place top right
copy and paste star 2 abd resize 40%
twize n place in centre of black star
copy n paste all roses
resize 40% twize and merge all flower layes
together rease half of stems
place near swirls
see mine for placements
copy and paste rock wordart
and duplicate and place on speakers
copy n paste your tube and place in centre of yout tag
add all copyrite,s and url,s
add your name
save as png
if your annimating
here we go open annimation shop
copy merged and paste in anni shop
in psp go to speakers layer
grab your warp tool brush
settings size 95
with warp brush hit the speacker
black circles a few time with the expand
button and hit the tick for settings
to work
copy merged and paste in anni shop
after current layer
all done save as