Friday, 9 April 2010


supplies needed psp
scrap kit freebie friends collob kit (tracy,s kit 1)
eyecandy gradient glow for your name
tube of choice i,m using keith garvey from
vix,s mask number 212 here

open new image andflood fill white
copy and paste frame 4 and magic wand inside modify by 5
paste paper of choice and invert delete
copy and paste frame 9 and move below frame 4
copy and paste flowerline 4 place behind both frames
copy and paste swirl 1 duplicate mirror merge down
place each side of tag move below frame layers
copy and string 1 and place left of tag
duplicate mirror
copy and paste string 2 place right of tag
duplicate mirror
see my tag for placements
copy swirl 2 resize 80% place on top of your tag
on frame 4 layer
selections modify by 5 with magic wand
copy tube and invert delete
copy and paste paper of choice
new layer and load mask and hit ok
merge group and place behind tag
add all copyrite,s and url,s
add mane and save as png
hope you enjoyed doing my tutorial
thank you xxxxx