Sunday, 13 September 2009

Forever Feathered Friends


supplies needed

Im using the art of ISMAEL RAC . HERE

You will need the proper licence to use his work.

The scrapkit i am using is PTU called Potpourri,and it is By Seachell. HERE

I am also using Mask Sg_Stencil-Flowered-Circle By Essex Girl. HERE

Lets Begin:

Open 700 x 700 white canvas.

Paste Frame 4 on your canvas,resize by 70%.

COLOURISE to the colour of your tube

Using your magic wand,click in the center of your frame,

Selections,modify,expand by 5 pixels,Invert.

Copy and Paste Paper 2 as a new layer,hit delete,and drag paper below the frame.

Keeping your frame layer active,Add a close up tube,lower opacity to 86,

Hit delete,select none,drag below frame layer.

Add your other tube,place it where you desire,add a drop shadow of your choice.

Now make the tag your own,Place elements of your choice,resizing and adding drop shadows .

X out your background layer,Layers,merge,merge visible,

Image resize,i resized mine at 80%.

Un X your background layer,keep it activated,

Copy and Paste a paper of your choice as a new layer,

Add the mask,layers merge,merge group,Image,resize by 90%,

Layers,merge,mergeall flatten.

Add all copyrights,Add name of choice.

Save as a J-peg.

Tag finished.